Updating LM Pro

Updating The Literary Machine is fast and easy. Updates are ZIP packages of newer files to replace existing ones with.

When an update becomes available, we notify registered users of LM Pro in a newsletter. This newsletter supplies the information you need to access the update. It also explains the update's new features and mentions any bug(s) it fixes.

If you decline this service or need an update between releases (because of hardware failure, for example), choose Installation > Send Update Request. This command prepares an email message through which you can request the update. I will respond and tell you how to get it.


Some upgrades also require a changed structure in the database. (1.3, 2.0 and 2.1so far). LM performs this upgrade automatically on any backed-up database you restore. Which means that you must back-up and restore the current database when updating from versions prior to 2.1. See the instructions below, which are divided into three parts:

Part 1: Making a LM backup
Part 2: Updating the program
Part 3: Upgrading your database files

Part 1: Making a LM Backup

Always do this and store a copy in a safe place. Close LM.

(Back-up your database files by choosing File > Back Up. After your database files are backed-up, LM asks whether to continue with a backup of the files referenced by your projects. Choose "No." then it asks whether to continue with a backup of your outlines. Again, choose "No.")

Part 2: Updating the program

After downloading the update package (a ZIP-file), extract ("unzip") the files it contains. To do this you need an up-to-date archiving utility like WinZip. If you do not have such a program, you can download a free trial of WinZip at http://www.winzip.com/ddchomea.htm. If you are comfortable running a DOS program, we recommend INFO-Zip's UnZip, which you can download free at http://www.info-zip.org.

For instructions on how to use your unzipping utility, see its documentation. The picture at left shows the contents of an update package in WinZip.

Update versions other than the one pictured will have the same files, but with some different modified dates and sizes. One exception: a Help System update may not always be included.

Extract these files to your Literary Machine Professional Edition program directory, overwriting existing files of the same name.

As an example of how to do this, the picture below shows WinZip's Extract dialog box.

How to update LM Pro

  1. In the Extract to field, enter (or navigate to) the LM program directory.
  2. In the Files field, select All files.
  3. Check the Overwrite existing files option.

(The other options do not matter.)

Note: The default location for the LM program directory is C:\Program Files\Sommestad\LM Professional Edition\. At installation you had the option to install in a different location. If you did and cannot find the program directory now, open LM and choose Utilities > Show Database Location.

If you are updating from a version prior to 2.1 continue with Part 3 below.

Part 3: Upgrading your database files

  1. Have LM closed.
  2. Navigate to the program directory and find the folder named db. Set it aside by renaming it dbold ("old DB").
  3. Open LM and restore the backup you just made by choosing File > Restore.

When LM detects the absence of a folder named "db," it will create a new one and put your restored database files in it. While importing those files, it will upgrade them to the new structure.

When you have had the program up and running, you can delete the folder dbold.