Animated Tutorials / Demos

Both current and prospective users of The Literary Machine like these demos. Prospective users, find out about the program by seeing it in action. Current users, master the program by studying these demos.

If you want to use the "download" alternative below, you have to be a member of the "literarymachine" group at Yahoo.

A number of excellent flash demos have recently been published at Kathy's LM Resources.

The Basics
Special Topics

Viewing Tips:

These demos contain 20 - 70 slides and range in size from 250 - 600 Kilobytes. On a slow PC with little internal memory (RAM), each slide takes some time to develop, because the graphics are highly compressed. A slow Internet connection adds to this time, but you can download the slide show and run it off-line. To do so, unzip the downloaded slide show demo to a new folder. Then, to run the demo, double-click the HTML-file you find in that new folder.

Set your screen size to at least 1028 X 764 pixels. Maximize your browser window, and adjust the scroll bars if necessary, because on a 1024 X 768 screen you must scroll down a bit to fit the whole picture of LM on your screen.

To adjust screen resolution:

  1. Press Start > Settings > Control panel > Display to bring up the Display dialog box.
  2. Click the Settings tab to bring it to the front.
  3. In the Screen Area area, move the slider to adjust your screen size/resolution.

Any change to the viewlet's code renders it useless. If you get an error message saying that the viewlet has been modified, it may be that your browser or ISP is ad-supported and inserts ads into the viewlet's code or removes the viewlet-software-provider's ad. To work around this, try downloading the viewlet, clearing your computer's cache (see instructions below), and using a browser that won't alter the viewlet. (You should have Internet Explorer installed as part of your basic Windows installation).

These slide shows run as Java applets. To run them you need Netscape 4.06 or better or Internet Explorer 4.0 or better. If you have disabled Java in your browser, you will have to enable it in order to view these demos.

Some firewalls do not not allow Java applets to play.

These Java applets may have problems with updated versions of the applications played. If you have trouble in Internet Explorer, try clearing the cache.

To clear the cache in Internet Explorer:

  1. Choose Tools > Internet Options.
  2. Press the Delete Files... button.
  3. Check the Delete All Off-Line Content check box.
  4. Press the OK button.