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What The Literary Machine can do for you

Creativity is not "connecting the dots" with a graphic program thatweaves a web among them all over your computer screen. Creativity is seeingwhich dots are connected. In groundbreaking, ingenious ways, LMhelps you do that. What makes LM different from other idea-generators?It doesn't pass off rote as thinking. Instead of showing you a genericlist of logical formulas to wade through in hopes that one accidentallymanipulates your ideas in some meaningful way, it works with yourmind, illuminating connections and stimulating insight.

The Literary Machine is a dynamic archive and an idea managementtool aimed at creative thinking ? built especially with thewriter in mind. It is packed with indexing and display techniques so generaland potent that you will use it as an intelligence center. In aclass by itself, it is virtually an extension of your brain. So, writein it. Collect and sort information and ideas in it. Make it your treasurechest of random notes and ideas for analysis and future reference. For,it will serve you well as the substance, catalyst, and processor for relatingor reusing them in creative combinations.

LM is designed to fulfill needs, not fancy. So it does not fool aroundwith features that your conventional word processor and email client alreadydo well and more efficiently than a database could. Instead, LM teamswith your other programs to accomplish what, till now, was possible onlyin your dreams.

In short, The Literary Machine invites you to put your creativity towork seriously and fruitfully in ways that no other computer programs do.

For this role LM incorporates a unique and powerful blend of idea-generation,information-analysis, information-management, and composition tools youfind nowhere else.

Spark your creativity

Team LM with graphical mind- or concept-mapping software when you mustmemorize information, but experience the raw power of LM's no-nonsensetext-based keyword matrix for true creative thinking through conceptmapping, idea generating and brainstorming.

Can LM help you think "outside the box?" Answer: What box? LM's powerful"fuzzy thinking" kernel does away with "the box."

Here are some of the Machine's chief benefits to you:

Discover the new kind of word processor

Introducing the "front-end" word processor: The Literary Machine is nota conventional word processor. It is a new kind of word processor ? notone for formatting and proofreading text, one for composing it.

LM's compositional features also make it ideal for processing anykind of anecdotal information.

Quickly and easily organize the parts of your composition, case, oranalysis. No more bewildering cut-and-paste operations in your conventionalword processor: reorganizing, at any point, is a snap.

Thus, as a document compiler, LM automates the process.So, rearranging the parts of your composition is a snap, because all ittakes is a few swift movements of the mouse. You can create different outlinesof the same material, if you want. Then just tell LM to compile the resultingdocument from any node you choose.

Though LM's HTML output is often suitable for publication as is, youcan tweak it in any word processor that opens and edits HTML-files (suchas MS Word? or Corel WordPerfect?).

What's more, every note card used in this document is referenced toyour ideas and available for use in any future document outlineyou create. So, LM is not just a tool for piecework: it is a workshop forthe body of your work.

Manage all kinds of information

The Literary Machine is a freeform relational database because the brainis. Otherwise the creative synergy between the two would not be possible.

Consequently, though LM was designed to be a creativity tool with thenecessary information-management tools, most users find that it handlesall their personal information management needs. So, thoughthe author did not intend to create the "Swiss Army Knife" of informationmanagers, many users find that LM eliminates their need for other PIMs.

Enjoy the flexibility of a freeform database

LM is not a conventional database. It is a "freeform" database for informationthat just won't fit into a traditional one.

Conventional databases make you put information into predefined fields(like those in an address book). Such a database is too structured forstoring random information. Conventional word processors are little betterthan spiral notebooks for storing it. And spreadsheets are wholly inappropriatefor storing it. For storing random information, you need a freeformdatabase.

But LM isn't even a conventional freeform database: It offers you anew way to PROCESS information, not just manage it. Whether thisinformation comes flying across your desk or through cyberspace.

Build your information into one or both of two powerful, multipurposeframeworks that you can construct almost anything with:

Special utilities like the Word Boiler allow you to applythese powerful tools in more ways than you can imagine.

In The Literary Machine you get to work with note cards displayedon a space the size of a huge wall. You're not limited to your computerscreen's dimensions.

And so, The Literary Machine . . .

Grow with a program that grows with you: Though mastering all LM'spotential applications is a journey like mastering the full potential ofWordPerfect? or high-end graphics software, LM is highly intuitiveand easy to use at its basic level. Which is also its most important,revolutionary and powerful level. So, you gain the program'sgreatest benefits immediately. You can search your database without learninga query language. LM finds whatever you need so quickly and easily you'llbe amazed.


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