A word about the learning curve:

LM's core database features are highly intuitive and easy to learn. But learning to use all the program's capabilities is another matter. LM has such extraordinary capabilities because it is an unusual program. Consequently, it takes time to learn.

Such power always comes at a price. To make a powerful program do what you want, you often must learn techniques and procedures, not just where to find this or that command. (If you are familiar with high-end graphics software like Adobe™ Photoshop, you immediately see what we mean.) Don't worry: LM's learning curve is nowhere near as steep as that of high-end graphics software. But it is steeper than that of most freeware and shareware. So, be forewarned: you probably cannot master LM's Project window in a day.

Therefore, we do not recommend this program as a solution for an important project that now has you up against a deadline. Especially if you're not technically savvy and have never worked with a sophisticated database before. And we do not recommend LM for people unwilling to read the documentation, view the slide-show animations, and study the tutorials. Also, we suggest that you establish a second instance of the program on your machine to serve as a practice database. You'll learn faster, because you'll experiment more — knowing that your main installation and its important data are safe from a beginner's mistakes.

If you plan to buy the Professional version, it is a good idea to try LM2000 first. We can help LM Pro users with individual mail support, but we cannot guarantee that everybody really likes the basic ideas in the LM program design.