Installing LM 2000

To install The Literary Machine 2000, you must first "unzip" (i.e., extract, unpack) the installation package you downloaded. You will need an unzipping program like WinZip to do this. If you do not have such a program, you can download a free trial of WinZip at If you are comfortable running a DOS program, we recommend INFO-Zip's UnZip, which you can download free at For instructions on how to use your unzipping utility, see that program's documentation.

We recommend that you start by reading and printing the on-line copy of the LM 2000 ReadMe file. Keep it handy while you install the program.

Before installing ANY software, make sure no other programs are running, including virus checkers.

The picture at left shows WinZip displaying the contents of an installation package. Extract these files to a temporary installation folder. That's just a place to put these files while you use them as the material from which to create the program on your machine. For more information, see your unzipping program's documentation.

Now go to this temporary installation folder and find the installation program, Setup.exe (highlighted in the picture at left). Double-click this file to run it. The installation will begin.

Follow the onscreen directions.

Note: If you install LM to a location other than the suggested one, make sure that the path to this folder is shorter than 40 characters.  
When the installation is done, you can delete the installation folder. You should, however, save the installation package in case you ever need to reinstall the program.

To start The Literary Machine, click Start > Programs > LM.exe.

Initial Program Setup

LM gives you many program options, but only two are essential to getting started. To set them, open LM and click the Installation menu.

  1. If you use Windows 95 make sure that the Windows 95 option has a check mark before it. This option makes "drops" on the Extended Desktop display correctly. (These functions seem somewhat unpredictable, however, so you might have to experiment. For example, you might find that you need to check-mark the Windows 95 option on a Windows 2000 machine.)
  2. To enable LM's browser, choose Installation > Browser Setup. Press the Search button. Then press OK to register your default Web browser in LM.

Why? LM's browser uses your system's default browser as a helper application. In the step above, you connect the two so that LM's browser can work.

When you're familiar with LM, other options can be set in the program's INI-file.