Errors & Fixes

LM Pro Issues

eBook generation: Contents from text files may be left out, since the program assumes that the Projects directory is the current one.
Solution: Before building the eBook, click in the Project tree on one project with a text file (Split screen), or click the Project Window semaphore to activate such a project.

Summary of Known Issues

"Portable folder installations": If you have another BDE program running, the "portable folder" LM installation will report "Borland Database Engine (BDE) not found".
Solution: Execute the file uninstall_local_BDE.bat to remove the BDE files in the LM program folder . (A requirement is that you already have a BDE installation (notified in the Windows Registry) in the machine.)

Project texts: If you move focus in the outline tree from a project with a text to a gray database node and back, the text could be erased. (Fixed in LM Pro 2.1)

Project names: If you give a project the same name as a category, it will be misplaced in the tree the first time it is displayed. After that it will display correctly.

Selecting projects (to delete): Be careful when deleting several projects in succession. When you delete a project, the trigger that automatically updates the database may be delayed so that your display updates before the database does. (Built-in delays conserve your computer's resources. Because of them, for a moment 'What You See Is NOT What You Get.' This can cause an error only when you are deleting several projects in succession.) As a result, though the project you next wish to delete is highlighted, the top project may be the one selected (in default of the deleted one). So, be sure to read the confirmation dialog boxes, noting which project you are deleting.

Workaround: After deleting a project, click away on another one momentarily, before selecting the next project you wish to delete. Doing so manually updates the database.

Outlines: Note the Optional function, Double-click node to make new outline under Options > MORE SETTINGS... > Appearances. With this option set, double-clicking a line (project) in an outline saves the outline and opens a new outline build with the clicked project as its name. This is a potent command. If you use it by mistake, just reload the previous outline to get it back.

Important installation issue: If you wish to import data from LM 2000, you must respect the restriction of its Paradox database system (version 5), which will not allow full-path filenames longer than 79 characters. Example: "D:\Program Files\Sommestad\The Literary Machine Professional Edition\project.db". (79 characters!) So, if you wish to import LM 2000 data and install somewhere other than the suggested location ("D:\Program Files\Sommestad\"), keep the path short.

Returning from external sessions, like editing files, sometimes requires a click on Task Bar. So, if the LM program window does not reappear when you expect it to, look for it for it as a button on the Windows Task Bar. If it's not there, look for its icon in the Windows System Tray.

Windows Versions: In Windows XP, the LM program window's outer frame may be cropped, affecting the width of the scroll bars. To adjust them, edit the values for "AppWindowScrollbarWidthH" and "AppWindowScrollbarWidthV" in the [WINDOW SIZES] section of the INI-file ("lm.ini"). .

DOS-jobs: In Windows 98 DOS-jobs (during backup and restore operations) must be manually deleted from the Task Bar. Right-click the minimized DOS-window's button on the Task Bar, and choose Close in the pop-up menu. Other differences between Windows 98, NT, 2000, ME or XP have not been reported.

DOS jobs: LM gives DOS jobs a certain amount of time — an amount reasonable for most users. But in some systems these DOS jobs are huge and may take longer. So, if LM displays a time-out message, make sure the DOS job is really "hung" and not just taking a long time. (Watch what's going on in the DOS command window.) If you think the DOS job just needs more time, leave the time-out message on the screen (i.e., do NOT click OK) till you can see that all work in the command window is done.

The thumbnail image of the Desktop Map (in the upper right corner of the main Tool Bar) does not immediately repaint itself to reflect changes — only after a delay. This delay is intentional, to conserve your computer's resources. To refresh this indicator (i.e., make it update), click the Update button (Ctrl+S) or open the Desktop Map by clicking the thumbnail image.

Assigned Helper Text Editors: WordPerfect will not work as standard word processor within LM. The problems with invoking other programs from LM are:

  1. Long file names. May cause troubles with system modules migrated to the system from 16-bit systems. This is solved here (like in other systems) with the "8.3" short filename convention. (= Short names with " ~ " in them).
  2. The application will not conform to the scheme: Run: EXEAPPNAME filename. That is, it will not take the upstart file name as the 1st parameter on the command line. This is the WordPerfect case. WP starts a dialog which disturbs LM. (This is a "shell"-type and not an OLE-connection).

Tips: Test a word processor before making it your Assigned Helper Text Editor. To do so, make a shortcut to the word processor's EXE-file. Drag and drop a text file on it (like "ReadMe.txt"). If the word processor opens the text file without making you respond to a dialog box, LM can invoke that word processor. To make it your Assigned Helper Text Editor, choose Options > MORE SETTINGS... > System. In the Full-path name of Helper Text Editor setting, enter the path to this word processor's executable file. Example:

C:\Program Files\CryptEdit\CryptEdit.exe

To get this full-path name, right-click a shortcut to the word processor and choose Properties in the pop-up menu to bring up its Properties dialog box. Then copy the text in the Target field.

Advanced autostart options (having LM start in minimized state) or accidentally double-clicking a start icon one extra time may cause errors (like "referenced memory at..."). Escape by pressing the Cancel or OK button in the error message's dialog box and starting the program again.

LM will not allow you to run two sessions at once. If, say, you have it minimized to the Task Bar or System Tray and try to start the program from the Start Menu, you will simply end up in the current running session.

Reinstalling (or refreshing the installation of) Corel products (e.g., WordPerfect) may require you to reinstall LM. (1 reported case in WordPerfect 8 Suite) It takes but a minute, because there is no need to uninstall LM first: just run the installation program again and add-in the latest update. This process apparently switches some setting that a Corel refresh undoes.

The PdxRbld freeware for packing database tables may require a BDE-version setting in the INI-file. See the PdxRbld documentation in "README.RTF". When running PdxRbld, do not select all repair/rebuild options simultaneously. Doing so might give incorrect error indications. Alternatives to PdxRbld for restructuring database files are "tutil32" and "ChimneySweep" and the regular Paradox tool known as "Database Desktop." (See Database Maintenance.)

The Word Boiler sub-application displays its window in the "always on top" manner. However, this may be disturbed if other applications also try to "stay on-top". So, if the Word Boiler disappears, look for it behind the LM main window. (You can place it alongside the main application window.)

The repainting of Item-window corners may temporarily fail when the window changes color.

XML-import is comparatively slow.

Some project-URLs with complicated encoded strings or untypical characters are not supported, however those with commas at the end may work, depending on a special fix.

There is no database-packing within the system. Since databases do not automatically recover the space formerly occupied by deleted items, you may wish to get a third-party utility to "pack" or "compress" the database now and then — especially if you store large items (like images or sounds). (See Database Maintenance page).

There is no rollback facility (i.e., the ability to undo changes step-by-step or to restore the database to its state at a previous time). Even if you know how to handle a Paradox database, it is preferable to rely on backups to recover from database damage.

Character sets: If you need to use a different character set, see the Languages page for how to install it.

Single-user access to the Paradox database system: The Borland Database Engine must not be configured for multi-user access when used by LM. If it is, you get growing *.lck files somewhere on your disks while LM runs. To prevent this, you receive a warning if the BDE is not configured properly when you open LM. To configure the database engine properly, find and run the program "BDEADMIN.exe". On its Configuration tab, click the plus sign [+] next to the "System" node. Then click the "INIT" node. Then, in the right-hand window, change the "LOCAL SHARE" setting to FALSE.

The "Large Font" setting in Windows used to cause display problems in some dialog boxes. Basic adjustments have been made, so please report any problems that persist.

Resource limits: The maximum number of open windows/objects/cards is determined by your Machine Performance Index setting. By default it is set to 100. Depending on your computer's memory, this limit may be too low, or in extreme cases, too high. If you get error messages like "cannot open window," they indicate that Windows has been severely strained. Try to avoid opening too many objects. LM tries to protect data in all such situations, but texts or keywords may be blanked out.

So, be aware of how great a demand you put on resources when loading big pictures or very long texts into LM. Be cautious by updating the database first and closing unnecessary windows. There are a number of checks and limits encoded in the program, but they could fail in some cases. Use the backup function frequently. Your valuable work must be protected against various technical risks not all being inside the LM program itself.

Program Fixes

Continued Dictionary searches could fail to find the next match when the Dictionary was not sorted in alphabetical order: FIXED (1.205)

Unhooking an item from a project could also remove a keyword. This bug affected new items frequently and old items very rarely. FIXED ( 1.205)

For a detailed list of program modifications, see the Modifications-History (Release Notes).