Updating LM

Updating The Literary Machine is fast and easy. Updates are ZIP packages of newer files to replace existing ones with.

You can download the latest LM 2000 update package through the link below. (Requires that you are a member of the Yahoo "literarymachine" group.)

latest update

Remember: Windows 95 users should NOT get this update.

Note: To view a list of the important fixes in LM 2000 since the initial release of version 1.05, visit the Program Fixes document on line.

Then open the update package (a ZIP-file) with WinZip, UnZip, or a similar archiving utility. The picture below shows the contents of an update package in WinZip. (Update versions other than the one pictured will have the same files, but with some different modified dates and sizes.)

Extract the files in it to your Literary Machine 2000 program directory, overwriting existing files of the same name. As an example of how to do this, the picture below shows WinZip's Extract dialog box.

How to update LM 2000

  1. In the Extract to field, enter (or navigate to) the LM program directory.
  2. In the Files field, select All files.
  3. Check the Overwrite existing files option.

(The other options do not matter.)

Note: The default location for the LM program directory is C:\Program Files\Sommestad\Literary Machine 2000\. At installation you had the option to install in a different location. If you did and cannot find the program directory now, open LM and choose Utilities > Show Database Location.